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There are many contenders for the most powerful example of war art from the past two centuries: Picasso’s Guernica (1937), painted in response to the bombing of a Basque village during the Spanish Civil War, would be an obvious choice. For me, though, nothing quite matches the originality and truth-telling ferocity of the Disasters of War, a series of 80 aquatint etchings, complete with caustic captions, by the Spanish artist Francisco de Goya (1746-1828).

Situated on the National Mall in Washington ., this national art museum ’s collection comprises well over 100 works by Francisco Goya, most of them etchings, giving a glimpse of a lesser-known side of the great painter. There is also a number of portraits of aristocrats and royals, like 1783’s María Teresa de Borbón y Vallabriga, later Condesa de Chinchón , but also of common people such as the yet unidentified Young Lady Wearing a Mantilla and Basquina (1800-1805). Unfortunately, many etchings, especially those created from Velasquez’s paintings, are currently not on view.

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